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Published 07 January 2015

Welcome to 2015 as we get set for some exciting changes …

THE V8 Sleuth website is undergoing a little bit of a birthday for the 2015 V8 Supercar season!

Ahead of the start of the new year of V8 Supercar racing and all types of ‘sleuthing’, the V8 Sleuth website is having a make over.

Largely appearing the same since it first launched in 2013, the site will take on a new focus this season with news articles, mini feature and historic content regularly added and sitting prominently on the home page – so it will look different every time you come back.

That means V8 Sleuth should become one of your regular sources of V8 information online and a ‘must bookmark’ in your internet browser.

We’re big on not following the pack – how many times do you see a news story that has been generated from a press release and run on all of the major websites word-for-word?

We’d rather look at the issues and trends that others are not and assemble credible and relevant analysis, news, opinion and content that you won’t get anywhere else.

With nearly 20 years working in the media business of V8 Supercars and motorsport in Australia, we’ve got a vast history of resources and relationships to call upon.

The founding basis of the V8 Sleuth website – the V8 Supercar chassis inventory – will totally remain in place on the home page for subscribers with a login, while the classifieds page will continue to grow, particularly given our enhanced relationship with Australian Muscle Car Magazine.

We’ll let you know when the re-design occurs but keep checking back to the V8 Sleuth website over the course of 2015 for V8 content you won’t get anywhere else …


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