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Door Open For Turbos And Coupes For V8 Supercars From 2017

Door Open For Turbos And Coupes For V8 Supercars From 2017

Published 03 December 2014

Gen2 Supercar vision outlined for future …​

V8 SUPERCARS today unveiled its blueprint for the future of the championship from 2017 onwards.

Dubbed the ‘Gen2 Supercar’, the new era will essentially expand the ‘opening up the garage door’ philosophy that saw Car of the Future introduced in 2013.

Now in addition to the door being open for additional makes, alternate engine technology and body styles will also be permitted from 2017 onwards.

The door is thereby opened for new engines and body styles to compete alongside current V8 engines and four-door sedans.

A new V8 Supercars logo – featuring more emphasis on the word ‘Supercars’ – will also be introduced next year ahead of the expected phasing out of the ‘V8’ in time for the new Gen2 rules.

The 2017 blueprint means that Gen2 Supercars could be joined by turbocharged four or six cylinder engines as well as Coupes including the likes of Camaros and Mustangs.

Those fearing that the future of V8 Supercars will make it like GT racing aren’t quite correct.

The guidelines of Gen2 remain that the car must be publicly for sale in Australia, be front-engined, right-hand-drive and a full four-seat configuration as well as rear-wheel drive and accurately reflect the look of the road car.

All cars will use the existing Car of the Future chassis and control components and be subject to engine and aero parity rules.

“It is imperative to keep the sport relevant to the current environment, entertaining and, critically, viable for the race teams,” V8 Supercars CEO James Warburton said.

“The current climate in world motorsport is absolutely clear. Manufacturers want choice in what they go racing with, otherwise they won’t participate. They want their DNA represented and so do we. We will not compromise our DNA – fast, loud and fierce racing.”

The V8 Supercars Championship finishes in Sydney this weekend with Jamie Whincup to be crowned champion for the sixth time in seven years.



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