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Published 31 January 2014

The V8 Sleuth team has opportunities for suitable candidates 

THE V8 Sleuth website and related works have been on a steady curve of growth over the past 18 months and now things are really started to ramp up.

Phone calls and emails to the Sleuth from private car owners, prospective buyers and industry identities are on the up and up and it's proving difficult to keep up with the levels of enquiry and projects with one set of hands.

So the Sleuth is calling out to you.

Think you have what it takes to decipher one car from another, sift through the fact and fiction and become part of the growth and exciting projects at V8 Sleuth?

We want to hear from you then!

We should point out, this IS NOT a job advertisement. 

There is not a position to be filled by just anybody. Candidate will only be selected if they match what we are looking for and if there is not one, then we'll just have to keep looking.

This is a very specialised and particular niche of the industry and passion alone is simply not enough.

Interested parties need to have a very high level knowledge of the motorsport industry, an understanding of the difference between the sport as hobby and business and intimate knowledge of the V8 Supercar, Super Touring, Group A and Group C eras of touring car racing in particular.

Send an email to aaron@v8sleuth.com.au outlining your experience, particular interests in motorsport, 'qualifications' (such an open ended topic in a case like this!) and previous involvement in the sport.

We'd love to hear from as many of you as possible.

You may have resources or contacts you think would be beneficial to the Sleuth, you may be sitting on some gold (think old cars, log books, magazines, books, documentation), and the Sleuth can assist you to cultivate them in another way.

And we might just find the next member of the V8 Sleuth team!

So get in touch!


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