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Published 17 January 2014

The V8 Sleuth website is starting to move into its next phase 

THE V8 Sleuth website was launched early in 2012 as the first premium, definitive resource on the history and information relating to V8 Supercar race cars for collectors, restorers and potential purchasers alike.

Its initial focus was on creating an online home for this information and creating a product for the Sleuth's growing customer base - as well as putting the material into a format that even the Sleuth himself could search to jog the memory on car histories occasionally!

Eagle-eyed V8 Sleuth fans will have noticed the web site has undergone a few small upgrades late last year as it became more and more apparent that the brand is gaining momentum and a foothold within the industry.

Put simply, there will be more free content on the site for fans of all sorts over the course of this season.

There will be selective news that is exclusive or has a 'chassis Sleuth twist', stories on restorations and all sorts of V8 Supercar and related material to keep you hungry for more.

Much of the feedback the Sleuth gets is the frustration of the seemingly shrinking nature of the Aussie motorsport media and with the recent news of Motorsport News going off the shelves, another title biting the dust is not nice news.

So the Sleuth intends to become a destination for V8 Supercar fans of all kinds with content that you will want to engage with, debate, and most of all, learn from.

The Facebook page for the V8 Sleuth has grown into its own 12,000-strong community - but we always want more so spread the love far and wide.

The Sleuth understands the frustration of some fans with the subscription model given they are keen to read this style of material, but they have been well catered for with the Sleuth's writings on the V8 Supercar website, in Australian Muscle Car Magazine and the growing number of news stories and updates here on the V8 Sleuth website and on the Facebook page that you all have access to for no charge.

Having said that too, the Sleuth site subscribers have been nothing but glowing in their praise for the content they get access to and the assistance it has provided them in either learning about their car or doing great groundwork homework prior to purchase.

The Classifieds section has been a big part of the growth of the site and the Sleuth has helped find homes for a couple of teams'  cars as well from it.

So, as the 2014 V8 Supercars Championship rapidly approaches, the V8 Sleuth would like to hear from you.

What would you like to read more of?

Would you regularly visit the site (daily, weekly) if there was more unique news content you couldn't get elsewhere?

Do you want to see some features?

Some interviews?

Some opinion pieces?

More of the Group A era?

More Group C?

Any ideas for cars you?d like to Sleuth to find?

General feedback or thoughts or comments?

Here's your chance - shoot an email to aaron@v8sleuth.com.au and we'll build up a big file for 2014 as the V8 Sleuth site starts to grow.

Get typing!


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