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Just a sample of the content accessable to all of you budding V8 Sleuthers.

THE V8 Sleuth website is the premium, definitive resource for collectors, restorers, media, researchers, car owners and prospective buyers when it comes to Australian motorsport history.

In essence it’s an online hub of history, heritage, retro and cool for the motorsport fan, enthusiast, historian and even casual follower.

We specialise in touring car racing and have recently branched out beyond our initial focus on V8 Supercars to also include Group A, Group C, Series Production and even two-litre Super Tourers in our files and website.

Subscribers are welcomed into a tailor-made, custom-designed database of race car histories of a range of touring cars.

We track and trace the histories of some of the most important racecars in our history – their successes and failures, year-by-year results and ownership timelines are all included, complemented by colour and black and white photos and even videos as well.

Whether it’s the full fleet of Holden Racing Team Commodore race cars, the histories of Dick Johnson’s Falcons or the smallest privateer team and its cars, the V8 Sleuth website has the biggest online archive of race car histories in Australia.

Literally years and years of research, collection, cultivation and blood, sweat and tears has been put into the content in the V8 Sleuth website – it’s important material to have access to.

And there’s even more to come.

It’s a website that is constantly being updated, edited, modified and tuned – it never really stands still. It’s a resource that is never stale so you can never say you have seen and read it all within the V8 Sleuth site.

Over 400 race cars exist in the database with many more to be added in the weeks and months ahead

Subscribers will be able to monitor market movement of various car sales, use keyword searches to find specific chassis, makes, models and teams and have direct connection with the V8 Sleuth team to check for further information – in essence we’re an instant on-hand resource beyond the website.

And subscribers have the ability to advertise their car/s for free in our popular Classifieds marketplace page.

The subscription price for 12 months access to the V8 Sleuth website and its full database of car histories is $440 including GST – a price well worth paying to ensure you are as well informed and connected as possible.

Whether you’re a car owner, looking to buy, doing your homework on a potential purchase or just want to keep connected to the V8 Sleuth network, it’s a small price to pay.

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